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Dental Implants: Home Maintenance

With dental implants, it's great to be able to chew with comfort and have a confidence in your smile again. Good oral hygiene keeps your implants in shape while also allowing your gums, jaws, and remaining natural teeth to remain clean and healthy.

Caring for your new dental implants means taking extra time and effort to clean them regularly and have routine dental checkups.


Cleaning your dental implants

Regular cleaning of your dental implants and any remaining natural teeth will keep them clean and bright.  Just like your natural teeth, you should brush your implants (both the prosthesis and abutments) after every meal.  It is recommended that a small toothbrush or special interdental brush be used to clean the abutments.  A toothbrush with a bent handle can be used to reach behind the teeth to the abutments.  A special foam coated floss should be used to clean around your gums, abutments, and prosthetic teeth.
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  impfloss.gif (6885 bytes) 
Toothbrush or
Interdental Brush
Bent ToothbrushFoam Coated Floss

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth sounds easy, but with your new dental implants a little more effort is required.  Special attention is required for the below areas:

Removable Prosthesis:

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Remove you prosthesis and brush both the inside and outside.

impbrush1b.gif (6877 bytes)
Brush around the gums and abutments while your prosthesis  is removed.


Fixed Prosthesis:

impbrush2a.gif (6336 bytes)
Brush fixed prosthetic teeth as thoroughly as you would brush natural teeth.

impbrush2b.gif (6661 bytes)
Reach with the brush behind the teeth to brush the back of the abutments.

 Flossing your teeth

You will need to floss your new dental implants more than you flossed before.

Removable Prosthesis:
Fixed Prosthesis:
 impfloss1a.gif (7022 bytes)
Floss around the abutments with the prosthesis is removed.

impfloss1b.gif (6659 bytes)
Floss around the abutments from the front, sides, and behind.


Chewing Comfortably Again! 

Once your prosthesis is stable, you'll be able to eat almost anything you'd like.  To avoid causing any damage to you new dental implants it is wise to stay away from chewing on ice, pencils, or other hard objects.  No other metal objects, other than silverware, should be put into your mouth.

Routine Check - Ups 

At least twice a year your dental implants should be checked as you see your hygienist.  At this checkup the doctor and the hygienist will check your prosthesis to see how well it fits your mouth, make repairs, and clean the abutments.  At least once a year the stability of the anchors and the health of your jaws and gums should also be checked.

Any other special instructions will be given to you by Dr. Bains at the time of your visit.