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Dental Implants                                                                                                                       
Dental implants provide an exciting option for people missing some or all of their teeth.   They look, feel, and function like your own natural teeth.  The implant process is effective and it's safe.  The system we use has evolved over 35 years of documented research.
Implants have provided the proverbial "new lease on life" for thousands of people, allowing them to eat, smile, and speak naturally again.  The quality of their lives has been significantly improved.

Implant systems differ. But for the right candidates, all offer a more functional alternative to removable dentures.
Traditional options in replacing a tooth or teeth are not without side-effects


A Traditional Bridge

Adjacent teeth are shaved down for a crown that connects to a false tooth.

Brdgfix1.gif (29444 bytes)



Removable Partial or a Full Denture

A removable partial or a full denture needs adjustments and alignments. They wear down over time and need to be replaced. The gum tissue and jawbone continues to shrink because of the lack of "tooth root".

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Dental implants are an exciting option that has changed the lives of many people!

A dental implant

A dental implant is an ideal permanent tooth replacement option (replaces both the lost tooth and tooth root).  Helps prevent gum shrinkage and provides a natural feel and appearance. 


diamond.gif (133 bytes) Replaces a single tooth or multiple teeth
diamond.gif (133 bytes) Works with a bridge connecting implants
diamond.gif (133 bytes) Can reconstruct your entire mouth

 Implant Benefits
  • A dental implant replaced both the tooth root and the tooth crown.
  • A dental implant does not affect adjacent teeth.
  • A dental implant feels like a NATURAL TOOTH.
  • A dental implant allows for normal speech patterns.
  • A dental implant provides you with a solid bite, renewed taste, better chewing ability than dentures resulting in better food digestion.

New teeth are developed to ensure optimal size, shape, color and fit so they will blend with your facial characteristics and provide support needed for a natural appearance.

                                                           Case illustration for a missing tooth...




 toimp1.gif (21694 bytes)

A lost tooth can be replaced by a single implant.

 toimp2.gif (21874 bytes)




The implant replaces the tooth root.

toimp3.gif (24441 bytes)




                  Next a crown is placed onto the implant.