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Laser Surgery

Laser dentistry is the latest weapon in the fight against gum disease. Designed by a dentist, it was created specifically for dental work. The dental laser is the most versatile instrument ever available to a dentist. It enables us to perform frenectomies, soft tissue grafts and biopsies with ease.  It also aids us in treating certain forms of gingivitis associated to gingival overgrowth. 

Benefits of a Dental Laser:

diamond.gif (133 bytes) Bloodless Surgery
diamond.gif (133 bytes) No Suturing
diamond.gif (133 bytes) Reduced Procedure Time
diamond.gif (133 bytes) Minimal Swelling & Scaring
diamond.gif (133 bytes) Reduced Post-Op Discomfort

A laser emits concentrated energy in the form of a light beam. It is not radioactive, but simply magnified light. The light beam vaporizes matter. The dental laser delivers a narrow pulsed beam through an optical fiber. Each pulse of light vaporizes only a specific number of cell layers within the area of the beam. This gives the dentist precise control over the laser. Because the pulse of the laser leaves through the tip of an optical fiber, there is a slight ticking sound that is made. Most patients say that the ticking sound is not loud and prefer it greatly over the whining of the traditional drill. Another added benefit to having a pulse of energy from the dental laser is that it the pulse is too short to trigger a neural response. As a result, most patients report no pain during their dental procedure.

Though the laser is a wonderful instrument, it is not appropriate for all dental procedures.  It is frequently used in conjunction with conventional dental instruments.  Feel free to ask Dr. Bains if the dental laser is right for your dental treatment. 

Case illustration of a growth removal using laser technology...



Growth removal with laser technology


No bleeding

    Complete removal

You can generally eat and drink fairly normal after the procedure!  You just may want to avoid salty foods.

Little Post-Op   


Often times we use our laser for this treatment. Patients who have had laser treatment usually recover faster and experience little or no post-operative discomfort.

A frenectomy is a procedure designed to eliminate unfavorable muscle attachments between teeth.  A frenectomy can be an aid in retention of teeth that have been moved with orthodontic treatment. It can also improve access for removing plaque and it can increase the amount of the protective gum tissue around teeth.