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Hygiene Examination

Your hygiene dental visit is performed by a State of California Certified Registered Dental Hygienist. Our hygienists attend continuing education seminars so they may continue to excel in their profession and provide their patients with the highest quality of care.

The areas examined include the mouth, teeth and gums. We will also discuss your home care techniques and recommend certain products that will assist in your home care program. 

 American Dental Association studies show that 85% of all American adults have some form of gum disease.  Gum disease can lead to bone disease.  No one is immune; children, teens or adults.  Any and everybody can get gum disease.  The only prevention is proper home care techniques, use the correct products and schedule regular dental examinations and cleanings. 

Chk-mark.gif (227 bytes)Examination Check List...

 Step 1 - Examination

Mouth Examination  
Check the Head/neck; bite or jaw adjustment
An Oral Cancer Screening
Inspect the characteristics of your smile
Gum Tissue Examination
Check for early correctable gum disease (Gingivitis)
Diagnose manageable gum disease 
Teeth Examination
Clinical adequacy of existing restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.)
Check the correctness of the Bite
Inspect for Cavities
X-Rays provide us an immediate and clear understanding of what is happening inside your teeth.  As valuable as these images are to our diagnosis and treatment - their necessity and frequency are never taken for granted. 


 Step 2 - Evaluation
Mouth Evaluation

Correctable conditions will be recorded

Teeth Evaluation
Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Gum Tissue Evaluation
Current condition diagnosed and the appropriate series of clinical treatments prescribed for recovery, or control.



Step 3 - Scheduling Treatment
If treatment is necessary to stop or control some form of gum disease       Dr. Bains will make an assessment of your condition and recommend the proper treatment plan for recovery.  Generally, recovery requires a series of appointments. Fees will be discussed. We will assist you in determining a payment program that will work within your budget.  We will answer all of your questions.