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Sedation and Anesthesia

Dr. Bains is thoroughly trained in the proper administration of anesthetic agents. She is knowledgeable in pain and anxiety control and possess extensive clinical experience in all anesthesia techniques, including local oral anesthesia and oral sedation. 

Sedation Methods

  • During dental and oral surgical procedures, local anesthesia (Novocain) is administered to block sensations.
  • Some patients experience a higher anxiety level and may require a sedative drug to help them relax. A sedated patient may remember the procedure, but will be more relaxed.
  • In some instances, a patient may require an additional medication to act as sedation. This will help place the patient into a deeper sedation.

Oral Sedation                                                                                                                                                                 Because Dr. Bains wants to provide a comfortable experience for her patients, she offers adult oral sedation as a courtesy to patients scheduled for dental procedures in our office.  Oral sedation can offer patients a varying degree of relaxation, from mild anxiety relief to a deeper sedation without the use of an I.V.